Who we are?


ILM ACADEMICANS was established by Muslim academics from Europe in 2017. The association has taken it to their task to give people the opportunity to broaden their cultural and religious education within their immediate social environment . Our training courses build on quality rather than quantity 

ILM e.V. is an international umbrella organization which supports and improves education, teaching and research.

We are holding information and counselling sessions to improve the education opportunities of pupils and university students. We organise symposia and conferences to promote scholarly exchange and knowledge production.

Within the framework of our tasks, we cooperates with national and international universities, institutions, foundations and similar organisations.

In consultation with our cooperation partners, the association publishes the results of their joint work.



Our philosophy  is based on the prominent circle metaphor of the great Persian mystic Dschalâladdin Rûmî , also known as Mevlana.

Following this philosophy, we regard it as our task to go along with processes of societal change, but in doing so maintain a strong connection to our cultural and religious heritage. The peaceful coexistence of all mankind is our first priority. 



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